Ketchikan, Alaska

07/18/07 - 07/19/07

We arrived in Ketchikan at 5:30 AM local time, after a six hour ferry ride from Prince Rupert, British Columbia. So we spent most of the morning catching up some on our sleep. Afterwards, we went into town and walked around. What a zoo! The town is set up to handle heavy cruise ship traffic. So the whole town is geared to selling junk to the tourists coming off the boats. We stopped and picked up fishing licenses. It costs $145 for an annual non-resident license. Ouch!

We're staying in the Last Chance Campground in the Ward Lake Recreational Area. There's a nice little babbling brook runnning right behind our campsites. We tried our hand at fishing and came up with a few small cutthroat trout. We did a few small hikes around the area.We also took a day trip to fish at Lunch Creek.

The second photo will give you an idea about how the weather was while we were here. Both days were pretty dreary.

Steve Winker