Anchorage, Alaska

08/11/07 - 08/13/07

We spent a day driving from Homer to Girdwood (about 30 miles from Anchoarge) and then spent two days in Anchorage.

On the first day, after we arrived in Girdwood, we went to the local ski resort and took their tram up the mountain. At the top of the tramway, we hiked to a snow field and watched some paragliders take off.

We used to first day in Anchorage as a day of errands. We stocked up on supplies and groceries and caught up with our email, etc.

On the second day in Anchorage, I went for a 25 mile bike ride on the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail. The trail runs along the coast of Cook inlet and is supposed to be a great place to see wildlife. I was hoping to see some of the 1600 moose that live in the Anchorage city limits, but a duck was the biggest animal I saw on the ride.

Steve Winker