Traveling Along Lake Superior

06/06/08 - 06/13/08

I typically drive to Chicago through International Falls to Dryden, Ontario for my fishing trips. But I decided to spend a few extra days and drive along Lake Superior and enter Ontario near Thunder Bay. It was a nice plan, but the weather wasn't the most cooperative. It was rainy, windy, and cold. I had four days where the temperature never got over 50 degrees (remember, this is June). I was able to stop at a few state and provincial parks and get some hiking and photography in.

I did get to see quite a bit of wildlife while driving. I had one morning where I saw 11 deer and a wild turkey within the first hour of driving. I saw two moose and a bear during the one day of driving in Ontario. Unfortunately, I can't take photos and drive at the same time.

Steve Winker