Drive to Eugene

07/14/08 - 07/16/08

I took three days to drive from Missoula to Eugene. The route I chose was very scenic. On the first day, I left Missoula and crossed over Lolo Pass and spent much of the next several hours driving along the Lochsa River, which is designated as a wild and scenic river. I spent much of the second day driving through the mountains of eastern Oregon. I crossed over many mountain passes and saw some magnificent vistas. I crossed the Cascades on the third day.

I visited two places along the way. On the second day, after leaving the mountains of eastern Oregon, I headed into the interior of Oregon and stopped at John Day Fossil Beds National Monument. Unofortunately, the temerature was in the 90s. I did some hiking, but I kept the hikes short. The first four photos are from John Day. On the third day, I stopped at several waterfalls along the McKenzie River. The last three photos are from there.

Steve Winker