Arizona Sonora Desert Museum

01/09/13, 01/22/13, 02/06/13

The Arizona Sonora Desert Museum is one of my favorite places. It is a combination of zoo, botanical garden, museum, and gallery. This winter, they also added an aquarium. You can see 230 animal species and 1200 plants that live in the Sonoran Desert.

My favorite thing at the museum is the Raptor Free Flight Shows that are presented twice a day during the winter. The shows contain various ravens, hawks, falcons, and owls. The birds fly free and could fly away if they wish. They fly around the audience and often fly within inches of the people. It's quite an experience.

I visited the museum three times this winter. I've built two galleries from my visits. This gallery contains photos that I took outside of the raptor shows. The previous gallery contains the photos I took at the raptor shows.


Steve Winker