Wabaskang Lake - Sunsets

06/02/22 - 09/12/22

I spent over three months at Sleepy Dog Cabins on Wabaskang Lake. It was an interesting time. When I arrived, I had to take a detour on a gravel road due to the main highway being flooded. When I got to camp, I found the permanent deck under water and one of the cabins was completely surrounded by water. By the time I left, the water had finally receded to more normal levels.

The high water had an impact on the wildlife. I didn't see the number of ducks and other waterfowl that I normally see. I only saw one loon couple that had young ones. Normally, I find at least four or five.

The weather was also a little more extreme than normal as well, especially the first couple of months. It was one of the most rainiest and windiest summers I've experienced here.

Despite all this, I still managed to take thousands of photos. I've decided to break them up into seven different galleries. The galleries will have the following themes: Ducks, Other Waterfowl, Other Birds, Other Wildlife, Insects and Flowers, Sunsets, and Landscape and Sky. This gallery contains photos of some of the amazing sunsets I experienced.

Steve Winker